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Where do I apply to become part of the MyM Team?

All information about applying to staff (Jr.Moderator) and their responsibilities can be found on the forums. You can also apply for Developer here as well.

When do I get promoted from Lost Soul etc.?

The ranks are titles only and nothing more. There is more planned but on a pretty low priority. The promotion itself happens based on your time spent on the server. If you want to know your tracked time, try /stats in-game. You can view how long it takes to get to each rank here.

What are credits and how do I obtain them?

Credits are our micro payment currency. It can be obtained on the shop.

How frequently does the server restart (every x hours)?

The frequency depends highly on the modpack. In general we can say:

Type Frequency
small 12 hours
medium 8 hours
big 4 hours
unstable* 2-3 hours

*unstable in terms of leaking CPU, disk io or memory usage or 1.10 servers currently

Is there a TeamSpeak server?

Of course, please use the command /ts on any of our servers for the details. There is a Verified rank on Teamspeak but this doesn’t restrict you. This informs us you have verified you Minecraft account with Teamspeak. Nothing more.

Is there a Discord server?

We do now! You can get to the MyM discord by accepting this invite.

Can I record YouTube or Twitch on here?

We don’t have anything against it, but you better have good endurance as we can not guarantee a constant stability of the server/modpack.

Do I get a special rank if I’m a Streamer/Youtuber?

Currently, we don’t have any special ranks in place.

What are tokens and how do I get them?

You get tokens by voting. For further information use /vote ingame. Once you have tokens, you can exchange them for Claimblocks, MyMs, chunk loader tickets and random items by using /shop.

What are MyM’s, what can I use them for and how do I get them?

MyM is the ingame currency used for the market, player to player trading, buying/selling Claimblocks… You can change tokens into MyM, but you can also earn quite a lot from trading with other players.

What are chunk loader tickets, what can I use them for and how do I get them?

Chunk loader tickets are used to keep your chunk loaders active. All 1.7.x servers introduce online (iron block) and offline (gold block) chunk loaders. The chunk loaders use up a certain amount of chunk loader tickets per minute, dependent on the size of the area you want to keep loaded and on whether you are currently online or not. You get chunk loader tickets by exchanging tokens for them in the /shop.

Tokens? MyMs? Tickets? I am confused, do you have more information?

For a more detailed explanation about benefits of voting, please have a look at this thread.

What protection does this server use?

Generally, we use GriefPrevention due to its ease of use for the player. Other servers with modpacks like Agrarian Skies or Crash Landing use WorldGuard regions created from the skyblock plugin. Both third-party protection systems are extended by our custom ProtectEx extension to protect against more modded items. More information about Grief Prevention can be found here.

What is the difference between Farmworld and Overworld? What does Farmworld mean?

The Overworld (build world) is one of the only worlds which isn’t being reset. All the other worlds might be reset from time to time, so building there is not advisable. The Farmworld looks like the Overworld with the difference that quarries (which leave huge holes) and turtles are allowed. This world is meant to be taken apart for resource farming. It is being reset on a regular basis to allow new players to acquire depleted resources like beehives.

When will the Farmworld and other secondary worlds be reset?

We have an automated secondary world reset system in place. Farmworlds are being reset on a monthly basis and The End on weekly, to learn more please see this thread.

Are there any warnings prior to the reset?

Warnings are given around 5-7 days before with automated ingame announcements. If the reset only affects The End, the warning might not be so long ahead due to the nature of The End not containing big/expensive setups and the bigger urge of more frequent resets.

How do I get more Claimblocks?

You can change MyMs and tokens into Claimblocks. You get tokens from voting, which you can then exchange for Claimblocks (or MyMs) in the /shop. On some servers, you can also get MyMs from trading, which you can also exchange for Claimblocks.

Is there a limit to the amount of Claimblocks you can have?

There is a limit, but you don’t really need to worry about it as it is quite high. Should you ever reach the limit, open up a support thread on the forums and we will increase it.

Is PvP allowed here?

Unless stated otherwise, PvP is not allowed. On some servers, you can use /pvp in order to toggle PvP.

Is raiding allowed?

Please read the rules. They state clearly that griefing/raiding isn’t allowed in any case, be it protected or unprotected. Exceptions are clearly stated within the server’s internal /rules.

Am I allowed to break graves?

Griefing is not allowed, be it protected or not. Taking the belongings of another player is griefing. Please look up the exact definition of the word griefing for the full picture.

Where can I see the banned items?

A list of banned items is available ingame by using the /banneditems command.

Where do I report a bug?

Mainly on the forums. Depending on the kind of bug either in the public or private section. If it is a dupe bug or it contains personal information, please use the private one, otherwise, use the public area to which more people have access - hence getting an answer is quicker.

Can you remove this claim next to mine?

Our rules state 2 weeks. Once the owner of the claim and possible trusted people have been offline for more than 2 weeks, we are happy to remove the claim and restore the region unless it is an awesome build. In case of small unused claims, there is no need for the full 2 weeks inactivity rule. To request a claim removal, use our ticket system within the claim.

On the latest servers, we utilize an auto reset system. Claims are being removed after a 2 week inactivity period of the owner unless his account is in absence mode. During the second of those weeks, members of the claim can request a transfer to them, too.

Do staff get paid for working for MyM?

All our staff is working voluntarily without a benefit. No payment, no special permissions for personal use. They play legit as you do. So be grateful for all the work they do.

Are you guys (staff) playing legit, or use creative for own sake?

Even instant teleportation is not allowed to be used for personal gain. All the extra permissions granted after becoming a part of the staff are only allowed to be used for fulfilling their duties, not for personal advantage. We enforce this strictly, if you are seeing someone not playing legit, please report.

Can I transfer Claimblocks to a friend?

Claimblocks can be transferred by selling them for MyM’s by using the command /sellclaimblocks #amount and then transferring the MyM’s to your friend by using /money send. Your friend can buy the claimblocks by using the command /buyclaimblocks #amount.

Why is [Modname/Item] banned?

There is not a single item being banned for no reason. While our banlist might not seem like the smallest, be aware that we are a huge network with quite some knowledge about grief potential, performance issues and server crashes. So minimal ban list doesn’t directly mean they know what they do as they might not even be aware of the issues of the items. We have quite some experience in patching mods in order to fix server crashes, improve performance and extend the usual grief protection to a limit and look for all sorts of possibilities before restricting any item. Check out these Guidelines explaining our decision making about problematic items.

If you have questions about a particular item feel free to open up a support thread on the forums.

How do I create a ticket?

Create a ticket requires a forum account which you can create here. Once created use /ticket in game and follow the instructions. (Make sure to be at the correct location before you issue the command as your location will be included.) Be aware the command only creates a ticket mask, you need to go to the ticket system and fill it out else no one will see it.

What is a Standalone server?

A Standalone server is one that has a separate inventory and chat from the other servers of the same pack.