This 1.19.2 pack is HIGHLY experimental. Expect major, and minor, issues and the possible loss of your work!!

Note about Minecolonies

Minecolonies can have a significant impact on server performance and stability so we usually disable the mod. The problem is 1.19 does not allow clients to connect if there is a mod mismatch. So, we have lowered all the settings so low it cannot possibly have a negative impact on the server. Colonies are limited to a max of 1 chunk and 4 citizens. We have also lowered settigns so slow it will run so slowly it will be a waste of time. This means the mod is effectively useless. So do not waste your time claiming colonies or trying to use this mod.


Welcome to Direwolf20!

FTB and Direwolf have a new and thrilling escapade in store for you! Since 2011, FTB and Direwolf20 have provided simple-yet-unique kitchen-sink-type modpacks suitable for every skill level.

Now, 1.19 is here and it’s better than ever!

Join us and play along with Direwolf, or grab some friends and create your own unique adventure!

Use powerful gadgets to mine, build and destroy thanks to Dire’s own building, mining, and charging gadget mods.

Take enchanting to all new heights and customize your armor and weapons with the newly added Gemming and Affix crafting system all brought to you by Apotheosis. Automate the way YOU want to with your choice of Ae2 or Refined storage, including a plethora of add-ons for both Streamline your factories with the power of LaserIO and Super Factory Manager Explore stunning landscapes and terrain, both bizarre and fantastic, thanks to Oh the Biomes You’ll Go, Sky Villages, Dungeons Arise, and All of Yungs better features. Traverse the enhanced dimensions of the Unusual End, and an Amplified Bygone Nether.

Or return to the twilight forest to experience it anew with all the features MC 1.19 now offers Create a castle, a town, a city, or whatever you can imagine with hundreds of citizens working for your MineColonies. Utilize the energy of Force power in ForceCraft, the newly re-imagined and rewritten DartCraft successor Get spooky with some flying brooms and brews from Hexerei, summon Djinns and bind spirits with Occultism or become a master of Magic with Ars Nouveau. Release your inner Battlemage with Mahou Tsukai. Explore tons of tech mods, including the recently released for 1.19.2 Thermal Series, Immersive Engineering, Mekanism, Cyclic, Industrial Foregoing, Powah, Deep Resonance, RFTools, PnuematiCraft, Integrated Dynamics, Little Logistics, and many others. Explore several new utility mods like the recently revamped Statues which allows you to create customized and functional statues to decorate your bases, as well as classic mods like Dark Utilities, Quark & Waystones.

Important Claimblock Information

Earning claimblocks works a bit differently on current 1.19.2 servers. You will begin with 100 claimblocks. Enough for a 10x10 claim. Every hour you will earn another 100 claimblocks. However, to prevent AFK abuse, you must move one(1) block every 5 minutes or blocks will be deducted from the amount you receive. Obviously, this may cause issues when working in GUI’s for long periods. So be aware of that issue.

Server Commands

  • /home <name> - Teleports you to a home
  • /sethome <name> - Sets a home point with a name
  • /delhome <name> - Deletes a home point
  • /listhomes - Lists your homes
  • /spawn - Teleports you to spawn
  • /tpa <player> - Requests teleportation to a player
  • /tpahere <player> - Requests player to teleport to you
  • /tpaccept - Accepts a teleport request (also has an on-screen button you can click)
  • /tpadeny - Denies a teleport request (also has an on-screen buttom you can click)
  • /rtp - Teleports you to a random location in the world
  • /nickname - Allows you to change your nickname
  • /trashcan - Opens a trash can for you to dispose of items
  • /back - Also teleports you back to your last location (Premium Rank Users Only)

MyM Info

  • /ts - Shows our TeamSpeak3 IP (Work in Progress)
  • /website - Shows our website url (Work in Progress)
  • /forum - Shows our forum url (Work in Progress)
  • /premium - Shows our shop url (Work in Progress)
  • /banneditems - Shows the list of banned items (Work in Progress)


  • /msg [player] [message] - Sends a private message
  • /r [message] - Reply to the last player that sent you a message
  • /global <msg> - Send a message across the network-wide chat channel. Currently limited to 1.19 servers.


  • /trust [player] - Gives the player permissions to build
  • /untrust [player] - Revokes any permissions of the player
  • /trustlist - Lists all trusted players
  • /abandonclaim - Deletes the claim you’re standing in
  • /claimslist - Lists your claims
  • /stick - Toggle the claim inspection tool (stick) on/off
  • /gd claim farewell [message] - Changes the leave message of your claim
  • /gd claim greeting [message] - Changes the enter message of your claim

Server Limits & Cooldowns

Homes * Max number of homes = 1 * Cooldown = 0 seconds Back * Max size of teleport history = 10 * Cooldown 30 seconds RTP * Max distance = 10000 * Min distance = 1000 * Cooldown = 10 seconds Spawn * Cooldown = 10 seconds