Why use the launcher?

  • Supply of custom fixes (recipe changes, config options, crash fix..)
  • Support for additional mods to enhance the gameplay (TabbyChat, VoxelMods, Fastcraft..)
  • Always up to date with the server
  • Partitial updates (only changed files get updated)
  • Custom modpacks

REI Minimap migration

These are the steps to migrate the REI’s waypoints from FTB Launcher to the MYM Launcher.

  1. Open a new window and navigate to your FTB Install Folder
    • You can find the folder by starting the FTB Launcher and pressing options.
  2. From the FTB Install folder navigate to [FTB Install Folder]Monsterminecraftmodsrei_minimap.
  3. In another window, navigate to %AppData%.mineyourmindinstancesMyM-FTB-Monsterminecraftmodsrei_minimap
    • You should be able to copy this entire path to your navigation bar.
  4. Copy all the .points files from [FTB Install Folder]Monsterminecraftmodsrei_minimap to %AppData%.mineyourmindinstancesMyM-FTB-Monsterminecraftmodsrei_minimap.
  5. You might have to rename some files depending on what method you use to connect to the servers
    • If you have been connecting to the lobby and would like to use direct connect on the MYM Launcher, rename your files to have the prefix “monster-new.mineyourmind.net” monster.mineyourmind.net.DIM0.points -> monster-new.mineyourmind.net.DIM0.points
    • Other Examples: monster-new.mym.li.DIM0.points -> monster-new.mineyourmind.net.DIM0.points

by slyder5649