Custom Built

Plugins (bukkit)


ProtectEx is an anti-griefing plugin designed to protect Claims and Restricted Areas from unauthorized use, building, and use of certain tools and inventory items.


Restricts items from being used in certain worlds or at all


Automaticly backs up the server to ensure your work is safe


Our custom built chunk plugin use /cm introduction to find out more

Claim/Island Deleter

Automaticly deletes claim/island after 2 weeks of a player being inactive

Redis Chat


Keeps track of your playtime and other useful stats use /stats me to see them


Allows staff members to make global announcements when needed


Allows players to get tokens and reminds them to vote regularly

Random Teleport

Using /rt you can teleport to a random location on the map


Ranks show how long you have been playing on MyM servers


Displays information from your linked forum account


This reduces lag by limiting the amount of blocks you can place in a multiblock structure

Forum/Ticket InterOp

Allows staff to see tickets and other useful information

Custom Third Party Forks

  • Grief Prevention
  • zPermissions
  • Pex
  • Vault
  • Console Nuke
  • Thread Lock
  • WorldBorder
  • MinecraftRKit
  • Lag Meter
  • Item Restrict
  • Forge Perms
  • Command Helper
  • Accept Rules
  • Ban Manager
  • UUID Provider


  • Local Wither Sound
  • Keep Exp
  • Safe Login
  • Chunk Monitor

Mods (forge)


allows for kits to give you items ingame

World Downloader

Allows a player to download their claim(s) to single player and test or continue to play. Its mainly use is when a server is shutting down. See the guide here on how to use it.


Allows staff members to control/limit mob spawning

Chunk Deleter


Applies several tweaks to allow all servers to operate correctly



Allows staff members to fix gamebreaking mod issues

Custom Third Party Forks

  • aPerf
  • Forge Perms
  • Tick Profiler
  • KCauldron
  • ModControl
  • HQM


  • AutoClassLoader
  • HQM Reset
  • TileEntList



Our live monitoring system. If a server is getting into trouble it barks. Built for the Admins, but public to everyone. Each server sends a heartbeat every 20 seconds including live information about its condition.

  • Heartbeat - Last server response.
  • P30/120/300/600 - Average server performance over the last 30/120/300/600 seconds in percentage. (100% = 20TPS, 50% = 10TPS..)
  • GC30 - Time spent for java garbage collection during the last 30 seconds.
  • S6/12/24 - Server sessions over the last 6/12/24 hours. High numbers signalize that the server crashed/froze/restarted a lot.
  • Uptime - For how long the server has been up.
  • Players - Amount of players online.
  • Worlds - Amount of worlds present (does not mean loaded).
  • Chunks - Amount of chunks loaded across all worlds. /p chunks per player with a 256 total tolerance removed (the overworld spawn is usually loaded).
  • Entities - Amount of entities (Animals, Monsters, Villagers, Items on the ground..) loaded across all worlds. /p entities per player with a 128 total tolerance removed (the overworld spawn is usually loaded).
  • TileEntities - Amount of tile entities (Machines, Chests, Cables/Conduits..) loaded across all worlds. /p tile entities per player with a 256 total tolerance removed (the overworld spawn is usually loaded).

Watchdog can be found here



The website can be found here