How to increase Client FPS

Basic Minecraft

To increase your FPS on many of our modpacks, firstly you will want to open your favourite modpack and go to options. From there you will need to go to the options tab on the menu. From there you will want to go to Video settings and do the following:

Set graphics to FAST.

Set View Bobbing to OFF.

Set Clouds to OFF.

Set Particles to MINIMAL.

Set Render Distance to 6 OR BELOW.

Set Smooth Lighting to OFF.

Set V-Sync to OFF.

Make sure you have no resource packs on.

Other ways to increase your FPS include downloading performance inhancers such as Fastcraft which is on most MYM modpacks or even optifine.


What options to select in Optifine and Fastcraft to increase FPS

Mod specific:


Agricraft sprinklers and water channels can cause huge client/FPS lag. Their particles can be turned off in the mods config. Still, even without the water particles, these sprinklers can be the cause of huge FPS and even TPS lags. Try using as few of them as posible.

Immersive Engineering

Immersive Engineering Waterwheels and Windmills have moving parts which can cause client fps issues when looked at if there are too many of them within your field of view.

Item Pipes

Item ducts that aren’t opaque from Thermal Expansion and Buildcraft pipes can dramatically reduce your fps as they both show items moving through the pipes. These tile entities can drastically lower your fps, if you are using the clear item ducts from Thermal Expansion. If possible try to use the opaque ones as they are better for your fps and don’t show the items moving through the pipes but work at the same transfer rate.

As for Buildcraft, try using pipes from other mods which don’t show the items. These days most mods work with just about any machine. If your setup requires BC pipes for whatever reason, try using as few of them as possible. You can also just use BC pipes as entry and exit point of your piping system and then switch to opaque Thermal Expansion ducts, as they will interconnect.


Client performance guide. (get the most out of it)